4 awesome breweries in Europe you need to check out!

At Beer Republic you will discover the widest range of beers from different breweries around the world. We can imagine you will immediately think about The United States, but have you ever thought about breweries located in Europe? That’s right, in Europe you will find fantastic brewed craft beers as well. This blog will take you on a trip along four awesome breweries that are located in Europe. Enjoy and cheers! 

Pühaste Brewery in Estonia

Estonia and craft beer: when it comes to this combination, we can only think about perfection! Breweries that are founded in Estonia are becoming increasingly popular in Western Europe. The Estonian brewery Pühaste is known for their quality beers such as IPAs and Stouts. In 2020 they were chosen as Breakthrough Brewery of the Year and have built an impressive reputation as one of the best breweries of Stouts and Porters in Europe. Do you enjoy stout beer? Then give it a try and experience the beers from the Estionian brewery Pühaste.  

You will find different types of beers in our product range from this brewery. What do you think about Zoom/Boom, a tasteful New England IPA? Or maybe the tropical IPA Roulette Hop is more your cup of tea, uuhm beer;) And do not forget to try out different stouts and Porter beers such as the Silver Series and Mr. Ronk

East-European beers? Yes please! There is even more to discover, so don't forget to check out our complete range of craft beers of Pühaste Brewery

Admundsen in Norway

Take a look at those awesome labels and those colorful visual graphics, do we need to say more? Admundsen Brewery in Oslo, located in Norway, has a scope of delicious beers in their selection. Their focus? Producing the highest quality craft beers possible. How do they do it? Mostly by brewing handcrafted beers. These Norwegian masterpieces can be easily ordered in the Netherlands at Beer Republic.

Beers such as Hopbliminal Messages, a classy New England IPA and Ink & Dagger, a modern day IPA, are worth a shot. Our own favorites are the “Desserts in a can'' line up. These unique stouts come in different flavors like: Rocky Road Ice Cream, Chocolate & Hazelnut Crêpe en Mocha Ice Cream Fudge Cake. Discover an unbelievable taste experience.

Besides the awesome taste, check out those labels and grahic designs of the cans. These are also factors that should tell you to try out these incredible craft beers. All the more reason to put them on your Untappd bucket list.

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Basqueland in Spain

Aah, the country of ‘cerveza’ and ‘paella’: welcome to Spain! At the Basqueland brewery, they have a passion to brew beer that is comparable to the typical Basque culinary experience. This is the place where real craft IPAs are brewed and also many collaboration beers are released!

Do you love the taste of sour? Then you should definitely try Mucho Mucho Strata Citra. Or maybe you are looking for a beer that shines like gold? In that case Goldmine will suit you perfectly, this one is very tasteful and is full of hops. Are you looking for that awesome fruit flavour? Well, Easy Breezy
is yours to try! And finally, please hold your horses, because this is Not My First Rodeo if for everyone who loves to ride 'em high and low. 

Not my first rodeo Basqueland craft beer.

Basqueland Brewery cannot be missed on your craft beer bucket list! Go ahead and try them all.  

Seven Island in Greece 

Yamas! The final stop of our Europe brewery tour is at Seven Island brewery in Greece, on Corfu to be precise. This brewery is founded by two ‘crazy’ Greek guys who have a passion for crafting and brewing beer. Go big or go home! That’s what you can say about the aromas these guys are using during the brewing process. This brand is also well known for their minimalistic beer cans and esthetic visual labels. 

Have you ever thought about the combination of beer and ice? Well, hello! Here it is! Close your eyes, take a sip and imagine yourself on Corfu. The Hypercone Imperial Stout, which has flavors such as strawberries, vanilla, chocolate and banana, takes you to this beautiful Greece Island.

Hypercone imperial stout craft beer at Beer Republic.

Another fan favorite is the Gooey & Nutter, a Stout with peanut butter, toffee caramel and butterscotch flavors. And please do not forget to check out Tiki Moi, which is a beer that will make the hot summer way better, and cooler;)

Tiki moi craft beer.

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